Another Blast of Winter

Last night it snowed, bringing with it another blast of arctic air.  Part of the reason I love living in the mid west is the unspoken promise of 4 seasons.  So far, I am not seeing that promise fulfilled.   This year it has been either rainy and cold, or just cold.  By April, I am ready for those hints of better weather; tulips, daffodils, birds who are not confused and temperatures that are above 32 degrees.  Wind chills were actually mentioned today!

As I write this, my husband is diligently planning for summer.  His greenhouse is finished (I will be writing a blog post about that) and seeds have been planted in egg cartons in the basement, growing under grow lights.  Our bees have been ordered and the hives are finished.  He is researching the chicks he plans on ordering in late April, as the coop was finished in September.  The beer brewing that he enjoys needs to wait until warmer days so that he can do that project outdoors.  I am married to a man who is happiest when in his yard.  This never-ending winter is making these plans seem like they may never be completed.

On a day like today, it is hard to believe that my college aged children are  just weeks away from their summer vacation.  My son has signed up for summer classes and my daughter is looking forward to her summer job.  My youngest will be going to France in 76 days.  All things marked on our calendar, to be part of summer.    But, as we all know, the days drag and the weeks and months fly by.  Before we know it, the windows will be open, tomatoes will be ripening on the vines and another season will have passed us by.  After all, my daughter told me today that there is only one more snowfall  in the forecast.

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