Let The Dandelions Live

I wonder if Americans are the only ones who have an unnatural obsession with their lawns.  By unnatural obsession, I mean perfectly manicured lawns, made that way by pesticides and herbicides.  Thank you Monsanto for providing us with the tools that make our yards, the areas we should let our children and pets play in, a toxic playground.    I was outside today, admiring my dandelion field and saw a lone honeybee feeding off one of our dandelions.  I am going to assume that the bee I saw was from our hives.  I am so happy that we let those dandelions survive in order to provide our bees with food.  We have yet to give into the pressure of creating a perfect lawn that our neighbors admire, but is too dangerous to spend time in.


Please refrain from killing those dandelions.  They provide a much-needed food source for our pollinators and are part of the food chain.  Why can’t we just admire the beauty of our natural world and accept that dandelions, like tulips and daffodils, are Spring flowers that usher in the start of our growing season.  Their life cycle is short after all, we can all deal with them for a few weeks.


The next time you feel the need to kill your dandelions with Roundup, remind yourself that you are borrowing the Earth from your children, they want you to take care of it.

1 thought on “Let The Dandelions Live”

  1. Sorry to tell ya, but here in Australia I see quite a few uneducated people mowing there dirt & then wonder why all they get are bindies & yes roundup poisons everything & contaminates the soil for years….. not to mention our water ways. As you can see I fully agree with you, there is nothing like curling your toes in long soft grass, treading carefully of course to avoid the bees…..

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