Newest Family Member

This weekend we met our newest family member.


Meet Luna

Luna will be joining the family full time on June 16th.  Picking her out was near impossible, as you can imagine, a litter full of Golden Retriever puppies will not yield an ugly puppy.  Somehow, I knew that she would be the one.

As a general rule, we adopt our pets from the Humane Society.  We have 2 other dogs, both via our local shelter who we love dearly.  However, I love having the companionship of Golden Retrievers.  Golden’s are very difficult to find at a Humane Society, as people do not surrender them.  We have been very fortunate, that through the months of research we did 13 years ago when we adopted Stella, to have found a breeder that is truly humane.  These are not puppy mill puppies, but loving dogs owned by loving owners.  I feel like I need to say this because I have gotten more than one snarky remark about our decision not to adopt via a shelter this time around.  It is not fair to lump all dog breeders together.  My parents have rescued dogs from puppy mills who lived their lives as breeders.  There is a huge difference between those breeders and the loving owners that we are getting our Luna from.

We are beyond excited to be bringing her home.  I know that she will not be able to fill the hole that Stella left behind, but will instead bring more love to our home.


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