Summer Vacation

My youngest daughter is on summer vacation. She has one week at home and then will be taking a school trip to France.  I am very excited for her, but also very jealous.  France is on the top of my bucket list and I have never been there.  I have traveled overseas a few times, but never to France.

This trip has been in the works since December 2016.  I am so grateful that she goes to a school that is able to provide these opportunities to their students.  I told her to bring me back a souvenir that smells like lavender.

Our garden is planted and the lettuce has gone crazy.  Salads are the vegetable of choice right now.  We have more lettuce than we can use and I know that sadly, some will go to waste.  Our asparagus is done for the season, but the strawberries will be ready for eating as long as the animals leave them alone.  As always, we patiently wait for the abundance that August and September will bring.

The chickens are growing nicely and will be laying eggs by September? They have settled nicely into their coop.  Our dog, Odinn, does like to stare them down.  The beehives are very active.  Eric mentioned that he got stung yesterday. But, considering how many are flying around, that is not surprising.  The herbs have also been planted and are growing nicely.  I cannot wait for fresh pesto!

Enjoy these summer days.  They have so much to offer.

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