We Have Black Raspberries

36791561_10212792806360409_825959779099738112_n.jpgYesterday I was able to harvest our first batch of black raspberries this season.  Don’t these beauties look delicious?  Tonight I will serve them over vanilla ice cream and then I will probably freeze any left over.  Tomorrow will require another harvest.  I don’t think we will have enough for jam, but enough for some ice cream topping and the random fruit salad over the coming months.  Over the next couple  years, we should have blueberries and red raspberries, but until then, these will do!

I spent the last couple days visiting my parents in Green Bay.  My dad and I went to a state park on Lake Michigan on Friday.  He loves to search for rocks and has a knack at finding some real beauties.  He found a beautiful fossil within a pile of rocks.  I don’t know how he does it, but I wish I had paid more attention to this when I was younger and had spent time with him when he does this.  He is 100% one with nature when he is on the prowl for rocks.  I searched for a while and then found the perfect log to sit on and closed my eyes to listen to the waves.  We don’t live by an ocean, but we have a beautiful Great Lake in our back yard that I don’t enjoy nearly enough!  IMG_3870.JPG

On our way back from the lake, we stopped at a local market.  I saw a sign that said “fresh curds” and knew I had to stop.  Cheese curds are in my top 10 favorite foods and I will purchase them when I can find them very fresh.

IMG_3875.JPGFinally, an update on Luna.  She is just the best puppy!  She has settled in nicely and while she still has accidents in the house, I think she is getting the potty training thing.  She goes to the back door and pees there if we don’t get to her.  I think that shows that she is connecting the dots.  Maybe?unnamed.jpg

I should be back on a more regular basis.  As lame as it sounds, my computer has been giving me a hard time.  Eric has put on a band-aid on it for the time being, but it appears that we will need to upgrade very soon.  Happy Sunday!

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