Chicken Update

The chickens have started to wander the lawn.  They are exploring their surroundings and hopefully eating some ticks!  We have had them for close to 3 months, which I find unbelievable.  Time sure flies, but I guess that is discussion for a different blog post.

It has been a really hot summer for these gals.  We have had temps soar to a heat index of 105, but they have been able to keep cool thanks to the coop they have which allows for shade.

The dogs have been very interested in them, requiring us to keep them inside when they are out of the coop.  The exception to that rule is the puppy, who sits in her little play enclosure just observing.  She appears to be more used to them than the dogs who have been around them for 2 months longer.  I suppose that she is just used to them because she has known of them since she got here.

IMG_3889.JPGEric feeding the chickens.  He uses meal worms to bribe them.

IMG_3891.JPGThree of the girls wandering about.


I hope that snack is a tick.  I read that chickens eat the ticks and I am counting on that.

The chickens are not the only critters who are active. Our honey bees have been very busy.  Fall should provide us with a healthy honey harvest.  Eric was called on Friday night to catch a swarm of honey bees.  He actually amazes me, he caught that swarm and was stung once.  We are waiting for pictures of that adventure from the homeowner who requested help, when they arrive, I will write a post about it.

On a final note, my daughter Maeghan, celebrated her 16th birthday today.  We celebrated as a family tonight with dinner on the patio.  Her brother and his girlfriend came over to celebrate with us.  It was a perfect night, even if with the mosquitoes.


Happy Birthday Maeghan!


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