Frugal Living

What do you do to save money?  To live frugally? To live a life that makes you happy and feel complete?  Simple living and frugal living are buzz words these days, ideals that my husband and I were raised on.  We have tried  (and have failed often) to live our adult lives this way.  But, for the most part, we live very frugally.  We enjoy the simple things in life and try to appreciate what we have.  Here is a partial list of the things we do to live a frugal lifestyle:

  1. We rarely eat out.  Maybe twice a month and it’s for lunch.  I cannot remember the last time we ate in a restaurant, as a family, for dinner.  Maybe December and we used a gift card.
  2. We reuse and repair as much as possible.  Eric is the best DIY’er I know.  If it needs fixing, he can do it.  If he can’t, it’s not fixable.
  3. I make most of our cleaning products.  All you need is vinegar, water, baking soda, vodka and essential oils.
  4. We use the library.  I wrote a post about the library.
  5. We buy in bulk.  Not just Costco bulk, but the bulk department at the grocery store.
  6. We meal plan.  I try to plan our meals a month in advance.  That does not mean we always follow that plan, but it’s a useful guide.
  7. We rarely go to the mall or Target.  Enough said.
  8. We grow a lot of our vegetables (fully disclosure, this summer has been a dud for that so far).
  9. Eric makes his own beer and wine
  10. We line dry as much laundry as we can.  This can be difficult when the days are to humid or it’s raining.  But, we try.
  11. We use cash, for the most part.  Online purchases require a credit card.

We also do a lot of things that are not frugal:

  1. We have 3 dogs, which means a lot of dog food, vet bills and preventative meds.  They bring us joy though and that is what life is.
  2. We have 3 kids, which means a lot of food, dr bills and college tuition.  They are the reason I am here and make every single day worth living.
  3. We might eat at home, but we buy good food and never regret it.
  4. I don’t use manufacturers coupons very much.  I find that they rarely offer what I would buy and if I would buy it, I don’t need it.
  5. I have a candle obsession, which I am trying to temper by making my own at home.  But the obsession is real.
  6. We have gym memberships that we don’t use enough, but enjoy them when we can.

Life is about balance and I think that for the most part, we live a balanced life that helps us achieve our goals.  What are some of the things you do stay frugal?  I always love new ideas.


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