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Five Frugal Things- May 18 to 25

We spent another week saving our pennies.  It’s amazing how much stuff each of us actually has and never use.  I don’t know about other countries but Americans really do know how to over consume.  We need to all take a step back and ask ourselves if we need everything we are spending our hard earned money on.

  1. I enter a lot of Instagram contests.  You know the ones; like the page, tag a friend and say something you love about the place.  I won a contest in December for a $50 dinner at a local restaurant.  We went last weekend.  The downside though, I got a $60 parking ticket.  The night cancelled itself out.  But, we rarely go out and this forced us to enjoy a night downtown.
  2. I won another contest, this one on Facebook.  We won a year of free nail trims for one of our dogs.  Last week we went in for their quarterly nail trim.  I had acquired enough points on the vets app to get the other dogs nails trimmed for free as well.
  3. We had a nice, wood coffee table.  One of our dogs decided that it would make a really awesome chew toy.  Buying a new one seemed like a risk I wasn’t willing to take given the damage done to the one we had.  A friend is moving and getting rid of all of her stuff.  She gave us her glass and metal table for free.  I have challenged the dogs to destroy that one.
  4. My daughter got a job at Starbucks.  One of the perks of being a Starbucks employee is one free pound of coffee, per week!
  5. We officially turned the heat off for the year.  Mornings have been a little crisp in the house, but it’s May, so off with the heat.

What have you done recently to save some cash?


Luna pretending like she is innocent regarding the coffee table

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