Tofu Fried Rice

Fried rice is an easy way to use leftover rice.  The ingredients are cheap and it’s  hard to ruin.  My recipe is straightforward and tastes close to restaurant fried rice.


Tofu Fried Rice

3 cups cooked rice

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 lb firm tofu coated in corn starch

1 lb  frozen mixed vegetables

2 eggs

soy sauce

Heat oil in wok or skillet on medium high.   Add onion and saute for 5 minutes.  Add tofu and saute another 5 minutes or until golden brown.  Add cooked rice and vegetables and cover for 5-7 minutes or until vegetable are cooked.  Make a well in the center of the rice and vegetables, add the whisked eggs and scramble.  Mix everything together, add soy sauce to taste (I don’t add a lot while cooking so that everyone can add their own).  Serve with egg rolls or spring rolls.

My husband and daughter also add sriracha sauce, I don’t because I don’t like the smell of it.  But, they say it makes it even better.



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