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Frugal Friday

Another week has passed which means it’s time to review my list of ways we saved money.

  1. I did not buy alcohol for myself at the Paul McCartney concert.  It was $12.25 for a 4 oz glass of terrible wine.  I did buy my son a can of beer though.
  2. Now that summer is here, we have started to line dry our laundry outside.  Nothing smells better than sheets that have been dried in the sun.
  3. This one is for my daughter.  She went to Six Flags in Gurnee IL on Thursday with her boyfriend.  He has a season pass and it was bring a friend for free day.  Researching free days for museums and amusements parks is always the way to go.
  4. For the first summer in probably 18 years, I did not need to pay for a camp, a class or other summer entertainment for my kids.  I have reached that stage in parenting where those things are no longer a part of our budget.  It is actually shocking how much those experiences add up to when you tally them up every summer.
  5. My son is going to a wedding this summer and needs a pair of dress pants.  The pair he has now are too big.  Instead of buying a pair, my mother in law is doing alterations for free.

What did you do this week to save money?


This is not an economical glass of wine.

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