Frugal Living

Frugal Friday

Here is a list of the things we did this week to maintain our frugal way of life.

  1. Father’s Day was spent at home.  We grilled out and had a family dinner loaded with laughter and conversation.
  2. The kids and I pooled our money and bought Eric a Father’s Day gift he wanted, instead of buying 4 so so gifts.
  3. Did you know that Head and Shoulders shampoo is the perfect home remedy for some skin rashes?  Instead of buying cream at the store, I used the shampoo we had on hand and it worked like a charm.  NOTE talk to your doctor about using Head and Shoulders before applying it to a rash.  My doctor was the one who told me this a couple years ago, but everyone is different.
  4. I had to drive to Green Bay unexpectedly over the weekend.  Like always, I used our teeny tiny Toyota Yaris for the drive.  The car gets 30 miles to the gallon, making it an economical way to travel long distances.
  5. I have been doing some “redecorating” of the kids rooms as they move on, move out, move back and grow up. I made some changes to my son’s room and used furniture, bedding and decorations we already had.  I have to constantly remind myself to use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.
  6. Here is an extra which relates to my daughter, not me.  On her way to work on Monday morning, she filled up her tank and the pump had some kind of problem.  She got $40 worth of gas for free.  The gas station attendant told her that there was nothing she could about it and she could call corporate.  Corporate told her to talk to the gas station.  She made a genuine effort to pay for the gas.


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