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Frugal Friday

Have you noticed that the sun is rising a little bit later every morning?  Today my husband’s 5:00am alarm woke me and I was shocked to see it was dark.  Fall, while still several weeks away, is knocking on the door.  I see that with the much smaller bounty compared to years past.  Even though we are not getting as much, we are getting enough.  In fact my acorn and butternut squash are producing so much more than I ever hoped for.

Here is a list of things we did this week to save some money.

  1.  We bought 25 pounds of peaches and 10 pounds of blueberries which I have frozen for future consumption.  I will be going to Door County in 2 weeks and plan on purchasing cherries and hopefully already frozen strawberries as well.
  2. We have been taking advantage of farmer’s markets more and more, rather than going to the grocery store.  Doing this helps eliminate needless packaging and helps local farmers grow their business.
  3. My husband’s birthday was last week.  Instead of going out for dinner, I made him an Indian feast at home.  Complete with delicious samosas.
  4. Continuing with the birthday theme, instead of buying an object for my husband’s birthday, I bought an experience.  We are going to a beer themed 5 course dinner at a local restaurant in September.
  5. I started Christmas shopping already, finding gifts that I know people will like, discounted.  I hope to be done by November with the gifts already wrapped.  I am not a person who appreciates the mall and a day of power shopping.  Instead I prefer to take my time over several months.

With school starting in a few short weeks, I am prepared for our spending to drastically increase as we pay tuition, school fees and back to school clothes.  What did you do this week to save money?




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