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Frugal Friday

School is back in session in a few short weeks.  My college age kids tuition bills arrived and I paid the school fees for my high school senior.  Those fees do not include the high cost of her being in show choir.  September is going to require a little belt tightening to make up for the expensive August we are experiencing.  Here is the rundown on what we did to save money this week.

  1.  We went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  I had a $5 off per person coupon.  I honestly never go to events like this without a coupon.
  2. I bought a beautiful print at the faire that needed a frame.  Kohl’s strikes again and I found the perfect frame for pennies on the dollar.
  3. We had almost 0 food waste this week. That always means leftovers, but the savings is worth it.
  4. I made zucchini bread and froze it for quick and easy breakfasts. The zucchini, eggs and honey came from my backyard.
  5. We buy our toilet paper in bulk from Amazon once every 6 months.  It comes individually packaged in paper, not plastic.  By doing this we save in packaging and since it auto ships every 6 months we get a discount.


My Ren Faire find


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