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Frugal Friday

We had some wins in the area of frugality this week.  With it being less than one week until Christmas, I am very proud of myself with the amount of money we have been able to save.  This year, I had all of my Christmas shopping and most of my wrapping done before Thanksgiving.  That was very intentional, as I wanted to actually enjoy the season this year instead of being stressed.  Here is my list:

  1. Sadie needed her second round of vaccines.  We had a $100 credit at the vet, I applied that to her first visit.  Total cost was $3.50.78580050_10216418865809629_4087130804889583616_n.jpg
  2. I added Sadie onto our pet insurance plan.  We learned several years ago with our first golden, Stella, that the unimaginable can happen.  Having health insurance on our dogs eases our minds a bit.
  3. My husband has started the process of moving our phone plans to Mint mobile.  He is doing one line at a time because each line has to be paid a year in advance.  When the process is complete we will be saving about $1,200 per year.
  4. We have been entertaining friends in our home more.  It’s been nice to sit around our dining room table after a good meal and friends to laugh with.  I plan on doing this even more in 2020.
  5. We are keeping newly purchased Christmas decorations to a minimum this year.  My daughter made an adorable gingerbread house and I bought just a couple ornaments to represent things that are important to me in 2019 and going into 2020.



I try to purchase the annual Human Rights Campaign ornament every year.  Here is 2019.

IMG_0409These little houses always turn out so cute

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