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We are expecting a pretty major snow storm this weekend.  I heard the word blizzard used a couple times.  I will believe it when I see it.  The meteorologists seem to get a bit ahead of themselves and are so dramatic when snow is ready to fly.  More times then not, an anticipated blizzard has turned into a drizzle of rain.  But, we shall see and maybe we will have a cozy Saturday night at home.

We continued with our frugal ways this week.

  1. I continue to shop the freezer and pantry.  I decided this week that I either need to do this more or I need to stock up less.  My dad’s favorite words are stock up, so I am guessing that out of loyalty to him, I will continue to do things this way.
  2. For the items we did need at the grocery store, I used a giftcard that I received for Christmas.  I do not need or want anymore stuff, so this seemed like a perfect compromise.
  3. I have been prescribed a new medication.  With our insurance a 3 month supply cost me $3.00!  I cannot believe it.  My other prescription costs me $109 for a 3 month prescription.  My ultimate goal will be to get off the prescription all together and save the $3.00 every 90 days.
  4. We were gifted a year supply of flea and tick preventative for our dog.  Same brand and dosage we already use and has not expired.  This is a huge overall savings for us.
  5. Recently my mom had to buy a new coffee table that she could move on her own.  She gifted us her old one, which in all honesty was the one piece of furniture in her house that I wanted for myself.  It is set aside until we buy a new couch (waiting out the puppy days).  We are trying to use second hand as much as possible.  But when we get the couch, it will be new.  I have heard far too many stories of bed bugs in used couches and chairs.

What did you do this week to save some money?

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