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Frugal Friday

Ughhh!  I had to give in this week and buy shoes with solid arch support.  Guess what? Those do not fall into the frugal category.  I spend a lot of my working hours on my feet.  As a result, my feet, knees, back and hips are very unhappy.  But me feet are the angriest. I have plantar fasciitis in not one, but both feet.  Ouch.  A simple internet search led me to the best shoes for such a condition and let me tell you, the resulting shoes are not attractive.  I shall feel frumpy at work.

It was a pretty quiet week at home.  I am happy it is Friday, a relaxing weekend is just what I need.  Here are a few things we did this week to stay frugal.

  1.  My daughter’s backpack broke (at least the zipper did).  Instead of buying a new one, I found a freebie I received from the Sierra Club and gave that to her.  It works just fine, but it was clearly designed with hiking in mind.
  2. Our utility bill went down $50!  Not sure what the cause was, but I like it.
  3. We went out for dinner 0 times in the month of January.  As it is, we don’t eat dinner out a lot, but to not go out at all was an accomplishment.
  4. My daughter, who works at Starbucks, brought home a bunch of sandwiches that were about to expire.  We have several days worth of lunches.
  5. My coworkers have started a puzzle exchange.  I received my first borrowed puzzle.  This is such a great idea, save on resources and money.  It’s also free time spent with family working on it.

That’s about it.  What did you do this week to save?

assorted puzzle game
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