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Meal Plan February 9-15

Yesterday’s weather put my Sunday plans on hold, so I took advantage of that time and made a couple meals ahead of time.  My week is going to be really easy as far as dinners are concerned.

Sunday, February 9th – cream of mushroom soup, salad with crab cakes, rolls and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream

Monday, February 10th – lasagna, salad and garlic bread

Tuesday, February 11th – rice and bean enchiladas

Wednesday, February 12th – lentil soup and salad

Thursday, February 13th – salmon, quinoa and broccoli

Friday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day, dinner out

Saturday, February 15th  – Not sure about this day, will be out of town for both a show choir competition and a roller derby tournament.

Planning my meals out like this every week has helped keep me very organized, saved me money and prevented food waste.


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