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Weekend Thoughts

This last weekend was one of those rare weekends in which it was perfectly relaxing and yet I was able to do so much.  We finally got a date night in.  It was nothing spectacular, we went to a local bar for burgers and then headed home for a cocktail.  We decided to start a jigsaw puzzle that my daughter had given me for Christmas last year.  It was a 1000 piece puzzle and felt like a monumental effort.  It turned into a family project though, the four of spending hours working on it here and there while listening to music.   It was the kind of family togetherness that happens organically, we will not be able to just recreate it, because it just happened.  Here is the end result:


Female power!

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous.  We knew that a storm was expected on Sunday, which by the way turned out to produce more snow than I think anyone expected.  We took advantage of the weather and went to our local county park and took a long walk with the dogs.  That was a comedy of errors.  Those dogs were not expecting the many smells, the other dogs and just the change of scenery.  They were so excited and so badly behaved.  At one point, two of the dogs had completely wrapped themselves around my legs in opposite directions.  What can you do but laugh.  It made me realize that like humans, dogs can get cabin fever just as much as humans.  We walk them daily, but they haven’t had a good, long walk like that in a couple months and it really showed.  Honestly, as much as I hate to wish the passage of time, because it means I am just getting older, spring can’t come soon enough.


Inspecting something very important

Sunday, I had plans to spend the day with a friend for brunch and the museum, the weather had to put those plans on hold.  I took advantage of the time and made several meals for the week.  I am always so happy when I do this, I don’t know why I don’t do this timesaver more often.  When my son came home that day, I introduced him to the 90’s classic Beverly Hills 90210 and we spent the afternoon watching that train wreck.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and appreciated that after attempting to get my daughters to watch it with me, my son finally did.  We had our weekly Sunday family dinner and enjoyed each other’s company.


When the boy comes home, he gets the good stuff

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