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The week started with an absolutely beautiful snow fall.  I compared it to the snowfalls of my childhood.  The flakes just slowly fell from the sky.  It made for a pretty Sunday.  We focused a lot on saving this week.  Maybe it’s the prospect of having 3 kids in college at the same time in September, thankfully that will only be for one semester.

  1.  I went to Aldi to do our grocery shopping.  Aldi has changed it’s image and the store shows that.  I spent $65 on a week’s worth of groceries.
  2. We bought an annual pass for our county park system.  The upfront cost was $35, but we use it a lot during the year for hiking and picnics.  There is also an area where the dogs can swim. When you have 2 golden retrievers, access to water they can swim in is a must.
  3. We had a date night on Friday night.  Our suburb has THREE restaurants that serve an okay dinner, they take up 3 of the 4 corners near the train tracks, and they are actually more bar than restaurant.  But, since my husband had no desire to turn around and go back downtown, we enjoyed some bar food.  We chose to skip the cocktails and have one at home when we were done with dinner.  It turned out to be a $30 date night which suits us just fine.
  4. I finally started to do yoga again.  But, I have decided to practice at home.  I have the mat, the bolster, strap and blocks.  I can get DVD’s from the library and do yoga in the comfort in the home.  In the past, I took a class at a yoga studio.  Yoga isn’t cheap.
  5. My husband and I decided that while we are going to have a date night for Valentine’s Day, we are going to skip gifts and cards this year.  We don’t need or want anything.


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