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Frugal Dog Care?


I have become one of those people that we have all made fun of, myself included.  I am a full fledged, proud, weird dog owner.  I am that person who talks to my dogs in really weird dog voices.  They all have really stupid nicknames, I take more pictures of them than my own children and I probably greet them first when I get home.  After all, they are happier to see me than any person has ever been to see me.  Who else might be so happy that they tinkle in happiness.  See, I said tinkle.  I am that weird that person.

I used to be really cheap when it came to my dogs.  See, before my children became adults, my dogs, while family were more pet than child to me.  In recent years, that has changed and I am no longer cheap with my dogs.

I no longer buy then cheapest dog food I can find, on sale.  I feel so bad that I used to change the dog’s food on a regular basis, based on the sale price, coupons and reward card points.  By luck, our late dogs did not have a constant case of gastroenteritis.  I know better now, dogs need to eat the same brand and if you change, it has to be gradual.  That’s not to say that I buy their food without considering the cost.  I buy the food, recommended by the vet, through  By doing this, I get the discount given by having a monthly shipment.  They also offered a really good introductory price which convinced me to commit.

The girls love their bully sticks.  I also buy those through, on discount.   I buy those now instead of rawhide.  Rawhide is another thing that was a regular in this house years ago.  It’s cheap and I had no idea how bad it is for dogs.  I know better now.  Those bully sticks are really gross, aren’t they.  But, the dogs love them and when our oldest, Luna, resists coming in, a bully stick does the trick.

We live in the midwest which means that mosquitos and ticks are part of our summer fun!  Proper immunizations and preventative medicines are a must.  When I was a kid, we had a dog that got heart worms.  I have no idea what the treatment for that cost my parents, but I am so glad that I have the means to prevent that for my girls with a monthly pill.  They are also given a preventative for ticks.  The price for these pills is steep, but I believe that it is worth it if they prevent lyme disease.  I can’t believe the number of people I know who have had lyme disease, it is so unfortunate that humans are not able to take the same kind of preventative that dogs can take.  We have done all immunizations, with the exception of bordetella.  The dogs do not go to doggy daycare, until that happens, I am going put that one off.

We also keep up with annual vet visits, spay them and take them when they need care.  Because of their love of non food items, I did purchase pet insurance for unexpected visits, like needing socks removed from tummies.  We also have a Care Credit card which allows for a year of no interest in the event of the unexpected.

I am not as good as I should be in a lot of areas though.  We have a toothbrush for the dog that has never been opened.  I accepted a box of dental chews that I keep forgetting to give them, so unless I improve that, dental work is likely in their futures.  I also forget to have their nails trimmed until they are ice skating on the hardwood floors with their way too long nails.  I have a friend who works at a vet who has been known to help me get an emergency visit on a Saturday for a trim.  You know who you are!  Thank you.  Also, I have golden retrievers, they need to be groomed and brushed more.  When the weather improves, I will set up the kiddie pool and they will get a well deserved bath.  Not to mention a day in the yard playing ball with their nerf gun.

My girls are so important to us.  They complete our family and I know that they will be a great source of comfort in a few short months when our nest is empty.  Here is a picture of our girls

IMG_0574 (1)

It is really hard to take a good picture of dogs! Also, ignore that weird spot on the wood floor that needs refinishing!


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