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Reuse Packaging

Another post from my friend at Green Suburban Living.

Reuse Packaging

We all order from Amazon.  I like to think that I’m helping save on gas emissions by shopping from home and seeing what my choices are, instead of driving all over town to find just what I need. And there’s the birthday-like feel of having a package arrive at your door, just waiting to be opened…

But I have seen a few posts lately talking about not popping the air packets inside your packages, because of the Coronavirus. The theory goes, these air packets are filled with air from China, which is shipped over to us, and could be infected with unknown pathogens.

Now, I am skeptical for one big reason.  It seems silly that the plastic sleeves would be filled with air before shipping.  That’s a lot of space to take up on a shipping container/ship/truck/train. Perhaps the sleeves themselves are made over there, but it’s more likely that they are filled at the distribution center.

But, that’s a sidebar. My post today is about reusing that packaging that comes free to you with your Amazon order.  Yes, it is satisfying to pop them, and yes, I have entertained my children by giving them bubble wrap and letting them go to town. But this is free packaging, people!!!

Couple of ideas for you:

Save one of those big Amazon boxes and throw the air pillows and bubble wrap in there whenever it arrives.  It comes in handy for birthday gifts and around Christmas time.

OR, save them up in a bag and take them to your nearest UPS Store.  YES, they take them for free! And YES, they reuse them when someone pays them to ship something.

Either of these options helps the environment by a) keeping the plastic out the landfill after just one use, and b) if everyone started doing this, UPS would have to order a lot less of the new packaging, which is an even better goal. Less need = less production.

So, take a look at the packaging you get next time, and take an extra minute to reuse it or bring it to someone who will!

Smile more,


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