Family Life

Happy 50th

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday night with a fantastic party.  Honestly, isn’t this a milestone that we all strive for?  50 years!

The food was amazing (it was an Italian buffet).  The company was so much fun (my parents have really cool friends).  Finally, it was a reminder of why we are all on this big blue rock.  Family and friends are everything, the rest really doesn’t matter.  My parents and I all gave speeches.  But, I have to give a GREAT BIG shout out to my 22 year old son who wrote a beautiful speech for his grandparents.  Honestly, we do not give millennials nearly enough credit for the amazing people that they are.

Happy anniversary mom and dad.

1 thought on “Happy 50th”

  1. Oohh Congratulations to your parents. It truly is a beautiful miracle to see anyone share such a awesome occasion. Beautiful family photos. Smiley stamps & gold stars to the Millennial son, I have a 21yr old gold star son, they are so fun to hang out with aren’t they.


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