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Frugal Friday

I know you are all shocked to read that this was an incredibly frugal week.  We barely spent any money.  Crazy how being trapped at home helps save money.

  1. On Saturday, when I was running last minute errands to prepare for life at home, I needed to pick up chicken food and wild bird food.  I had $20 in rewards at our local pet food store.  I paid $9 for $30 worth of food.
  2. I went through all of our monthly expenses and was able to shave off $369.  Most of these will be temporary, but will be helpful.  I am currently at home from work, paid.  But, things are forever fluid and I feel like it’s best to plan for the worst.
  3. Eric was able to get our garden started with lettuce, spinach and kale.  The chickens have also started to lay again.
  4. Have you seen those gas prices?  Both cars have been filled with gas.  I honestly don’t know when we will need to fill them again.
  5. We have at least 6-8 weeks worth of food.  When things in China got bad, my husband knew it would get here and we would be in lockdown.  Here we are and he prepared us.  So, if you are reading this Eric, I am sorry for all the times we laughed at you and told you were crazy.  Your thoughtful planning has proven to be a relief.  However, I am the one who made sure that we have enough toilet paper.

What did you do this week to save money.

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