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Frugal Friday

Another week at home.  The days are really starting to get long.  There are times that I am not actually sure what day it is.  My husband and I both thought that yesterday was Wednesday.  Our governor ordered that our safer at home guidelines be extended through May.  It appears that maybe the state will begin the process of opening up in the summer.  The library will be able to offer curbside service in a couple weeks, that is a step in the right direction.  It will be nice to be able to work again, even if it is only limited hours.  School is cancelled though, which means my daughter’s high school graduation is also cancelled.  That one really hurts.

According to a website, my family is saving about $1,800 per month due to being quarantined.  I am not so sure that is correct.  The site took into account going to bars (which we never do) and eating out (which we rarely do).  But, my husband has a commute to work that is about 20 miles a day as does my daughter.  My commute is 4 miles a day, round trip.  I haven’t filled my tank since March 16th and it is still full.  Eric filled his last week and gas was $1.10/gallon.  As of yesterday, gas was .99/gallon.  The last time I saw .99/gallon I was 21 and searching for quarters under the seats to come up with $5.00 to fill my tank.  My how times have changed.

Here is our list of money saving activities for the week.  Honestly, it’s getting really hard to find savings.

  1. I had to take the dog to the vet for an ear infection (don’t worry, curbside vet care).  I had those nails trimmed while she was there and had enough credits for a free trim.  Savings was $25.
  2. We got our stimulus payment from the Orange Cheeto.  We used it to help a local business by buying a share in a CSA.  We decided to supplement our produce this year just in case the garden is not abundant.  I am also hearing that it is possible that the food supply will be impacted by the virus.  Because of this, we want to make sure we have enough.
  3. This one is actually a major heartbreaker.  After 2+ years of Maeghan working and having money taken out of her checking account for a trip to Europe this summer, it was cancelled.  She will be getting a very nice reimbursement into her checking account in a couple weeks.  Honestly, this just breaks my heart.   This trip has been on the horizon since she was a sophomore.  She paid for it with her own money and knew that with hard work, planning and saving, she could see the world.  I hope that some day, she can have another opportunity like this one.
  4. This is my birthday month.  The coupons and offers from merchants are starting to arrive.  My favorite one is always the $25 for Pottery Barn.  I always use it for a reed diffuser.  This year’s diffuser is lavender and was FREE!
  5. After 15 years of paying a violin teacher, monthly, for my daughters, this month was our final payment.  May 1 Maeghan will be done taking lessons.  This is bittersweet, but it’s time.

What did you do to save money while practicing social distancing?

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Frugal Living

Frugal Friday

I missed last week’s Frugal Friday because I was pretty hard pressed to come up with anything since I haven’t actually gone anywhere.  But this week, I had some wins.

  1. Our auto insurance company lowered our premium by 25% for April.  That is actually a really nice savings for us, given we have 4 people on our policy, one being a teenager.
  2. I taught myself how to make a sourdough starter.  I am going to make a loaf of bread today, wish me luck.
  3. I used the rinds and other bits to attempt to make pineapple vinegar.  I was bored and wanted to try something new.  I am actually not sure what I will do with the final product.
  4. I am almost out of actual books from the library, so I have decided to take advantage of the free trial for Kindle Unlimited.  The free trial is 30 days, I am hopeful I will only need it for that long.
  5. I have been using Zoom, a lot, to keep in contact with friends and family.  In fact last night was the first meeting of a virtual book club that I started in response to our state’s safer at home order.  It was two hours of laughter and wine drinking.  We meet again in three weeks.  I can’t wait.  Zoom is free to use.

What you have been doing these past several weeks to save money, while being at home?

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