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Frugal Friday

I went back to work for a couple hours yesterday!  It was so nice to be able to interact with people, six feet apart and with masks on, for those precious hours.  The normalcy of it felt it great.  The library is offering curbside pickup now.  Of course with guidelines in place that limit how many people can gather and having an excellent director who cares about our health, only a few of us can be in the building at the same time.  Our hours together are limited.

I missed a couple Fridays, but that’s okay!  I didn’t have a lot to say and feared becoming redundant.  But, I have some frugal wins this week.

  1. Our living room is in desperate need of new furniture.  With a puppy in the house, that is not going to happen.  Instead, I bought some slip covers to put over the dated and truly ugly furniture.  I also bought a cute, but cheap rug.  Everything will arrive in a week.  I plan on spending next Friday redecorating the space with these inexpensive and let’s face it, temporary fixes.  In a couple years, when I have golden retrievers that are older I plan to make a permanent change.  Total cost for all, $110.
  2. I drove to work yesterday and noticed that my tank stubbornly sits at 3/4 full.  Last time I filled up was March 16th.  I am going to top the tank off this weekend because gas is still so low.
  3. My daughter’s college sent us a small, but unexpected refund check for a class she has.  Since she is online now, it was a fee for something that would have been used for an in person class.  It was a small, but nice surprise.
  4. Speaking of that daughter and college.  She was awarded a scholarship!  She is an education major and applied for it in December.  This was off my radar so I completely forgot about it until she told me last night that she won.  Scholarships exist for those already in college.
  5. Our utility bill saw a nice decrease this month.  With warmer days ahead, the heat will be able to be turned off and we will see even bigger savings.

How did you save some cash this week?

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1 thought on “Frugal Friday”

  1. We purchased pretty doona covers (not too tacky) & bedspreads from second hand shops as lounge protectors at between $2 & $5 each they’ve worked great. It is extremely fun & tricky when you have dogs. lol.


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