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Frugal Friday

Time to go through our list of savings this week. Number one is something we have been working towards for literally decades. Here we go:

  1. We paid off the house! As of Thursday, October 15, 2020, we are no longer slaves to our mortgage. I got up early, drove to the bank to get that required cashiers check for final payment. The banker waived our fee and sent it overnight UPS for free. I honestly cannot describe the feeling of actually being able to say “the house is paid off”, but it’s remarkable.
  2. I keep saying, use your library. Our library has started offering “Make Its” to do at home. The cost is free and they provide the supplies to make a craft at home. Last night we made cute Halloween candle holders. All I needed to supply was 2 glass jars and a paint brush. Instruction was done via Zoom. It’s not the same as in person, but beggars can’t be choosers and I need to start participating in life again.
  3. The bees produced honey! Not enough for us to sell, but enough for us for the year. Fingers are crossed that next year will produce enough to sell to more than a few people who have asked.
  4. I took advantage of Amazon Prime Days. I bought a hydroponic garden to grow lettuce and tomatoes this winter. I am not a fan of winter tomatoes, shipped here from South America. My hope is to be able to have fresh tomatoes to at the very least put on salad. It was on sale for $85. I had $10 in prime dollars from Whole Foods and $10 from the purchase of a $40 gift card. So, the total for me was close to $30.
  5. I love those corny fall signs that everyone is selling, but I believe they are overpriced. My husband made one for me with the CNC machine in the basement. I love it.

The holidays are quickly approaching and I am trying to figure out how we are going to do that with social distancing still being the safest way to go. I hate the idea of missing out on these special occasions without family. I am thinking maybe doing it via zoom. That might be our only choice.

I am beyond worried about the election. No matter who wins, I predict that there will be social unrest in the US. Every time I think we can’t go any lower, we do. I am going to take advantage of early voting in my state next week so that I can avoid the lines and people on election day. Please vote if you are in the US. This is the single most important election in my lifetime. The world will be watching. We can decide if we want to preserve our democracy.

What did you do this week to save some pennies?

Not pretty, but so much fun to make
Fresh Honey

2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday”

  1. That must be the most amazing feeling, no more mortgage congratulations. Home made projects are worth their weight in gold aren’t they, the sign is beautiful. My frugal job over the last few weeks was putting up guttering, the front 17mtrs took 3hrs, the back 17mtrs, 3days(long story) the studio 9mtrs 1hr (in the hope we get on my own not 2 or 3 men who work for a big company, just me, saved us hundreds. Have a wonderful wonderful week ahead.

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