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Frugal Friday

2021 is going by in a flash. I can’t believe we are approaching mid August. My youngest is going back to college soon. We had a wonderful summer. I haven’t been blogging, mostly because I just wanted to remain present with my family. But, with the expenses that fall brings, it’s probably time to kick start my frugal ways. Here is a list of the things we have done to save money this week.

  1. We lost power for 38 hours. Does that count? I mean, the electric bill alone should see a savings with the absolute need for air conditioning right now. Our neighbors have a generator and they let us store our perishables at their house. Thank goodness. We only lost 2 almost empty containers of ice cream, about a half cup of coffee creamer and some leftovers that were destined for the garbage, with power.
  2. We are planning to move all of our cell phones to mint mobile by the end of the month. I am embarrassed that we didn’t do this sooner. Annual savings is about $1500!
  3. I canned or froze nearly 50 pounds of peaches for winter. We have a healthy inventory of plain peaches, jam and bbq sauce now. The sauce is sublime.
  4. We are really starting to buy more and more in bulk. I am figuring out what we will use and what will keep for an extended period of time. I have had a few misses, but that is to be expected.
  5. My husband completely remodeled our half bath. He bought nearly everything from Habitat for Humanity restore. He found a Kohler sink with faucet for $15! Total cost for a full remodel was $500. We are in the process of updating our house, slowly, and one room at a time. Of course he gave up his time for the remodel, but he claims not to mind.

That’s about it for today. What did you do to save money?