Frugal Friday

I have a lot to report since my last Frugal Friday update, months ago. I really need to be a lot better about updating my blog on a regular basis. Life just keeps getting in the way. Here is roundup of what we did this last week to save some cash.

  1. Our well water pressure tank rusted out this week. In all fairness, it was due. After researching the life span of a water pressure tank, I found that they last about 5-7 years. Ours was the original with the house, built in 1967. We kept saying, maybe we should replace that thing. Anyway, my husband checked out Youtube to see if he could replace it himself, and it turns out he could. We figure he saved us about $1,200-$2,000 doing it himself.
  2. All of our phones have officially been converted to Mint Mobile. Each phone is $140 per year. We are saving about $1,500 per year by switching.
  3. I have pretty much finished Christmas shopping. I utilized several sales and buy some get some free offers. I keep hearing that shipping and supplies will be a problem, so I got ahead of it.
  4. We are using our fireplace with the blower already to warm the house. We are almost to that time of year where the furnace is a must. It would be nice to hold off on turning it on for as long as possible.
  5. I ordered a lot of food from bobsredmill.com. If you sign up for their newsletter, you get 20% off and free shipping at $59.99. The savings on organic food was worth it.

We have had a very busy several weeks. We offered to temporarily foster a golden retriever through the rescue that I volunteer for. Well, one thing led to another, and all of a sudden, we are failures. Foster failures that is. That’s right, we decided to give that little girl a home. We are going to be a forever foster family, meaning we give her all the love and the organization pays her expenses. She has some chronic health conditions that are expensive and she needs to be diapered because of her health issues. Her life expectancy is not great, but we commit to giving her a great home for as long as possible. I fear that we are setting ourselves up for some major heartbreak in the future. But, she is going to give us that endless love that only a dog can give. I mean, look at that face. Isn’t she just a beautiful girl? Not to mention, she gives the best snuggles.

Enjoy autumn everyone! It goes by so fast.