Family Life

Welcome Summer

It has been several months since I have written out here. 2022 proved to actually be a harder year for me than 2020 or 2021. On March 16 after what can be described as both a long and short battle with cancer, my dad passed away. I say long and short because he had it for 12 years, but did not find out he was terminal until 6 weeks before his passing. It has been difficult to adjust to my life without my dad. Every day though I am getting better. In fact yesterday, my neighbor came over to tell me that she saw me laughing while walking with another neighbor and she was so relieved to see me coming out the other side. I guess I doing just that. Life does go on and I am starting to live again.

Summer has been busy around here. The bees are buzzing around making honey for us. Our gardens are bursting at the seams. The tomatoes alone are going to be a major chore to can. Our middle child graduated from college and moved into her own place. I am planning a trip to Europe with my mom in August. Things are moving forward.