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Sunday Coziness

It snowed A LOT in my neck of the woods in the last 24 hours. During days like this, I stay home. I hate driving in snow and ice and I really hate being cold. We started the day with a big breakfast. I thought my husband earned it after snow blowing the driveway. I also baked a lovely loaf of zucchini bread and made a batch of tortellini soup for dinner.

The most important part of my day though was that I watched the movie Dig on Netflix. Watch it. For some reason, movies that take place in 1930’s England on old British estates are just better than everything else out there. Make sure to add watching Dig on to your To Do list.

1 thought on “Sunday Coziness”

  1. lol, I watched Dig last night, it was an intriguing story there are so many behind scenes amazing people involved in so many historical events, it’s so nice to see someone acknowledged even if it is long after their gone. Stay cozy.


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