The Zucchini Is Winning

Anybody who has ever planted zucchini in their garden, knows the struggle is real.  As of today, we are losing a battle against the zucchini that seems to appear out of nowhere, hours after harvest.  We plant it every year because it is a reliable vegetable, we know that when all else fails, we will have zucchini for weeks to provide us with vegetables.  However, this reliable plant is not easily preserved, so for several weeks from mid summer to early autumn, I find myself in search of creative and tasty recipes that call for zucchini.  Today, I found something in a cookbook, but changed it a bit so that I could use ingredients I have on hand.  Not sure what to name it, maybe Dammit, I Have More Zucchini.

2 Medium Zucchini, sliced

Several tomatoes, chopped

Handful of Basil

Bread Crumbs (I used the ignored end pieces of bread in my pantry)

Parmesan Cheese (As much as you want to help the zucchini taste better)

salt and pepper


Layer the zucchini and tomatoes as you would lasagna.  Top off with bread crumbs, basil and cheese.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

I have not baked it yet, I leave for work in a bit so my husband will cook it.  We will be eating this for dinner with a side salad of tomatoes and the other summer over producer, cucumbers.  My 16-year-old will be thrilled to be eating another meal that includes all these ingredients.


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