Native Plants



A couple of years ago I was standing at my kitchen window, drinking my coffee and trying to figure out what was so different about my backyard.  Something had changed, but I wasn’t sure what.  A few minutes later my daughter walked through, looked out the window and asked “why is the grass dead?”  Aha!  Dead grass was the change in my landscape.  I immediately knew that Eric was behind this drastic change.

When I asked what was up, he told me he killed all the grass on purpose because he was going to turn the back yard into a native prairie.  I thought it was good idea, but I wished he would have at least told me of his plans.  He claimed he did, he didn’t 🙂  I definitely would have remembered any conversation that started with “I am going to kill our backyard.”

Fast forward 2 years and we have an established prairie in our backyard.   Eric belongs to a local organization that promotes the use of native plants in landscaping.  He was able to get us started with a discount on plants because of his membership.  Last year was a bit of an investment, but this year I believe he had to replace 2 plants.  Not bad. Thankfully, we do not live in a subdivision that has a rule saying we can’t do this.  We are also fortunate to have neighbors who encouraged us.  I have friends who do not have the options we do with their property due to HOA rules.

There are many benefits to turning your backyard into Native Plant Landscape.  They include the following:

  • Bees and butterflies love native plants.  As I was taking pictures today, a monarch was flying around.  The fact is, if you have native plants in your backyard, you will have butterflies.  It probably goes without saying, our bees love our yard.
  • You don’t mow a prairie.  The plants just grow, allowing native species to thrive.
  • Native plants are beautiful.  Honestly, looking at those plants while sitting on my patio allows me to be truly at one with the natural world in my own backyard.
  • Native plants do not require pesticides or herbicides, keeping the poisons away from your family and pets.
  • You will save money.  Less water and no chemicals.

I am 100% sure that I have missed several other reasons why native plants are beneficial, but you get the gist.

IMG_3903.JPGMilkweed-Monarchs love these


Give native plants a try.  They are so much better for our planet.

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